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Dr. Fouzia Saghir

Consultant Gynaecologist

Dr. Fouzia

Gynaecology provides our patients with different alternatives for private medicine and medical specialty care whereas providing a simple-access methodology of complete attention for girls. Our gynaecologists perform numerous varieties of procedures to contend with each common and rare medical specialty conditions, addressing different specialists to produce the simplest to require care of patients. they provide non-invasive treatment whenever you'll to minimize patient discomfort and promote quicker healing. They’ve in depth expertise of epithelial duct and laparoscopic approaches, additionally to reconstruction surgery, the restoration of standard anatomy and performance.

They contend with a good vary of problems, as well as OB, or maternity and birthing, discharge and fertility problems, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), secretion disorders, and others.

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Consultant Gynaeoscopic & Obstetrician

On Monday to Friday

2 PM to 6 PM